Across the country, educators want to and need to teach more content related to women’s and gender studies, particularly using intersectional frameworks that include systemic explorations of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and transphobia. Teach About Women gives teachers the materials and training they need to give their students the skills and knowledge to be champions for gender equity.

Together, we can change K-12 teaching to ensure that all young people, regardless of gender, have the tools they need to thrive.

We employ a model for nimble, practical innovation.

Because we emphasize excellence and demonstrated success, we develop our materials in the classroom with real students. Teach About Women draws on a collaborative practitioner’s research model to foster a nimble approach to educator development. Our approach ensures that our programs address the most pressing problems in the classroom, and enhance teaching practices, and enrich communities.

  • Question current teaching practices, policies, and resources.
  • Test innovative programs with students.
  • Revise practices to ensure clarity and efficacy.
  • Share programs through workshops and coaching.

We set a standard for excellence in resources and practices promoting gender equity and social justice.

We are working with schools and partners to hone and disseminate effective programs for bringing women-centric, feminist, and social justice education to more students. We help educators:

  • Use gender-inclusive practices in classrooms and school communities
  • Re-design curriculum to include rich and intersectional material on gender
  • Design creating classes and programing that cultivates purpose, social-consciousness, empathy and a thirst for justice in students
  • Apply research on boys, girls, and gender in curriculum and community programming
  • Create rigorous, accessible courses dedicated to social justice themes such as intersectional feminism, racial equity, class divisions, religious cooperation, and immigration.

In addition to consulting on curriculum design, we offer four adaptable programs.

  • Social Media For Change-Makers (Middle School)
    • Help your students use social media for positive change instead of participating in a toxic environment of body-shaming and cyber-bullying.
  • Excavating Lost Experiences: A Return to the Historical Record (High School)
    • Partnership with the New York Historical Society
    • Why do some stories get told while others fall into obscurity? Students question the fundamental mechanisms of history by exploring archival materials at the New York Historical Society.
    • A great addition to any high school history curriculum.
  • Intersectional Feminist Courses/Electives (Adaptable, grades 6-12)
    • Bring feminism into the classroom!
    • We help teachers craft dynamic, rigorous, and empowering feminist courses.
    • Semester or yearlong course exploring intersectional feminism.
    • Adaptable to each school’s unique study body, diversity and inclusivity goals, and scheduling needs
  • Collaborative Rubrics: A Gender-Inclusive Method for Teaching Writing (adaptable, grades 4-12)
    • Diffuse stereotype threat and imposter syndrome, so common in girls and students of color, with an empathetic goal-setting tool for writing improvement.
    • This method diffuses difficult conversations about “why I got this grade” by encouraging intrinsic goal-setting and productive feedback.
    • Featured at the Global Forum on Girls’ Education ® II, June 2018

The principles of strong teaching underpin all of our professional development programs.

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” -Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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