We are crafting our description and designing our workshops!

Our day of workshops brings together research-based practices, social justice, and practical innovation. Educators want to build a better world and they want to use the most effective teaching methods. Even with all the research in the world, it can be hard to see how that translates into practice. The teachers who lead our workshops have worked to bring research into their practices and figured out fruitful, engaging ways to tackle the world’s toughest problems in the classroom setting. Each workshop offers a research-based practice that participants can add to their teacher toolkits. From simulations and writing-based teaching to innovative assessments, teachers will walk away with a variety of adaptable materials and methods that they can turn around and use in their own classrooms and schools.


wewantyou.pngK-12 charter, independent, and  public school teachers, we want you!

k-12 teachers interested in shifting mindsets around gender and getting practical lesson ideas and techniques = for engaging girls and boys alike, making content more gender-inclusive and giving your students what they need to build a more equitable world!

One Purpose: To change the stories we tell about women, gender, and power in classrooms and beyond.

DATE : May 18, 2019


1 Ticket to our Day of Workshops

Price includes admission to all workshops, breakfast reception, coffee, lunch, and tons of educator materials.


Scholarships Available!

Is the price too high? We strive to be as inclusive as possible so we charge on a sliding scale. Get in touch and we will find a way to make sure everyone who wants access to our workshops and resources gets it.

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