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The NYS high school curriculum is a telling example of how decision-makers push women to the margins instead of embracing their centrality in history. ™

™As of the 2017/2018 school year, there are a total of 10 references to women and gender in New York State’s High School Social Studies Curriculum.™ Here they are:

  • –Once in the 9th Grade Global History Sequence (“Shifting roles of men and women” in the Neolithic Revolution)
  • –Twice in 10th Grade Global History Sequence (part of lists during the study of the Enlightenment and, later, imperialism)
  • Seven times in the 11th Grade US History sequence (Role in Revolutionary War, Early 19th C, Reconstruction, World War I, the 1920’s, World War II, and finally the Second Wave Feminist movement). But, as of 2017, only 1% of the question on the US History Regents Examination address women at all.
  • –Zero times in the 12 Grade courses on Participation in Government and Civics and Economics, the Enterprise System, and Finance

SOURCE: NYS State Social Studies Standards

SOURCE: NYS US History Regents Examination

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