“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”-Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

What does Teach About Women hope to accomplish?

Teach About Women creates a space for working teachers to collaborate with purpose and solve one of the the most pressing problems in education: the lack of women in school curricula and widespread ignorance about gender dynamics. We hope to build a movement to encourage teachers and communities to embrace the diverse roles and histories of women and engage in conversations about gender.


What do we do?

Teach about Women brings educators together in-person and online to work for positive change in classrooms. To accomplish our mission, we create

  • Digital Databases of teaching materials and resources
  • In-person workshops to facilitate collaboration among working teachers who are facing similar issues in their classrooms
  • Social networks for teachers with similar goals and concerns to connect to share experiences and solutions
  • Live events to encourage collaboration, creativity, and innovation in the classroom

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Our Current Campaign

Teach About Women brings educators together in-person and online to work for positive change in classrooms. Currently, we are running a campaign to change the New York State Social Studies Standards to include the roles, contributions, and accomplishments of women. To achieve our goal, we are petitioning decision-makers in New York State, running a hashtag campaign to spread awareness about the lack of women’s voices,  launching an online database of materials, and hosting collaborative workshops with teachers to help them bring more women’s voices into their classrooms.


Our Philosophy

The best teaching demonstrates the dynamism, creativity and dedication for growth necessary for success today. But creativity and growth are nothing without kindness and generosity. We believe in building a community of teachers and source of materials that embrace the hallmarks of a meaningful education:

  • Strong relationships
  • Student-centered practices
  • Experimentation & collaboration
  • Growth mindset
  • Diversity & Inclusivity
  • Self-reliance
“Judith and her Maidservant” by Artemesia Gentileschi (1613/14)d

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