We are looking for passionate, intelligent, funny, and ambitious educators to be part of three teams.

teach about women teams 2019


Apply now.

Click the link above or send a resumé and a cover letter to georgina@teachaboutwomen.org. Be sure to specify which team you would like to join.

Who are we?

Teach About Women Inc. is a nonprofit start-up with big ambitions: to change the way we teach about gender and power in schools.

What is our mission?

Teach About Women’s mission is to provide K-12 educators with curriculum and training to teach about women of diverse backgrounds and promote gender equity in schools. We envision a world where all young people think critically about historical and contemporary gender dynamics in order to create a more equitable future.


Why is diversity at the center of our mission?

We can’t break the pattern of patriarchal white supremacy without taking an intersectional approach. We welcome and embrace a diversity of individuals so that we can put a diversity of voices at the center of our work. We especially welcome gender-nonconforming, black, Latinx, and Native American educators–and any members of any other group that have been pushed to the margins of education.

What do we offer?

  • We offer school paid consulting/coaching opportunities.
  • You will be a part of a group of interesting and interested people who want to support you in growing as a teacher, a writer, a professional, or as whatever you want (an artist? an octopus?).

How does this work?

  • Team: Each team will consist of 6 (or so). We strive for a balance of participants from charter, independent, and public school teachers and that university-level.
  • Meetings: Teams will meet twice a month in the afternoons/evenings (after school).
  • Location: The Hewitt School in Manhattan (75th and Madison) has offered to host us.
  • Compensation: Participants will be part of a team actively seeking paid consulting/coaching opportunities at K-12 schools.



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