We fight for change on three fronts.


  1. Policy: Change educational policy and learning standards to include rich and intersectional material on women and gender
  2. Classrooms: Give Teachers the tools and skills they need to teach about women and the complex history of gender roles
    1. –Build and maintain a free online database of classroom resources
    2. –Conduct workshops to give teachers the skills and confidence they need to teach about women and use gender-inclusive methods and practices
  3. The World: Build a mentorship network to connect young women and girls with mentors of all genders who can help them thrive and succeed beyond school in their personal and professional lives.


Our Current Campaign

The Problem: There is a problem in high school classrooms that reverberates in our national consciousness: a lack of women’s voices.

  • ™As of the 2017/2018 school year, there are a total of 10 references to women and gender in New York State’s High School Social Studies Curriculum:
  • ™In eight out of these 10 cases “women” appears on a list with other groups following phrases like “diverse groups” and “such as” or “including.”
  • ™Here are all the references to women for the entire four years:
    • –Once in the 9th Grade Global History Sequence (“Shifting roles of men and women” in the Neolithic Revolution)
    • Twice in 10th Grade Global History Sequence (part of lists during the study of the Enlightenment and, later, imperialism)
    • Seven times in the 11th Grade US History sequence (Role in Revolutionary War, Early 19th C, Reconstruction, World War I, the 1920’s, World War II, and finally the Second Wave Feminist movement). But, as of 2017, only 1% of the question on the US History Regents Examination address women at all.
    • Zero times in the 12 Grade courses on Participation in Government and Civics and Economics, the Enterprise System, and Finance

Our Solution: Once we have enough signatures, we will approach decision-makers with four action steps.

  1. Re-write the NYS Social Standards, grade 9-12 to include rich material that addresses women’s experience, the accomplishments of individual women and questions of gender throughout the year.
  2. Add a criterion under Social Studies Practices Grades 9-12 – Civic Practices that includes “developing awareness of gender equity and its complex history.”
  3. Add “Read for underlying gender, racial or other bias” to the NYS Common Core Standards for English Language Arts, grades 6-12 under “Key Ideas and Details”
  4. Build an online, free and easily-accessible database of materials and resources that address women, the accomplishments of individual women, gender, sexuality, intersectionality, and the complex history of gendered relationships. In developing this database, topics and subjects should be sure to invite and support the inclusion of diverse and intersecting aspects of the human experience including but not limited to questions of race, ethnicity, socio-economic class, sexuality, age, and ability.cropped-teachaboutwomen-header.png
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