We invite men, women, and people of any gender to mentor girls and young women to build a better world. 

The Goal of Our Mentorship Program

  • Build intergenerational connections to strengthen our efforts to fight for gender equality, social justice, and positive change.
  • Give girls and young women role models for living lives of purpose, consequence, and conviction.
  • Help all young people, regardless of gender, envision a more equitable and just future.
  • Encourage intersectional relationships across generations to build a community of empathetic, thoughtful, responsive, and engaged citizens to fight for positive change in the United States.
  • (In the future…) Give boys and young men role models for flexible, sustainable, and enriching masculinity.

How it works

Sign up below to become a mentor or a mentee. The fight for gender equality is not women’s fight alone. We welcome men, women and people of any gender to be mentors.

NB: We formally launch our network in Fall, 2018. The time commitment will be 1-2 meetings per month. 

We read over your profile and match you with young person to mentor



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