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  • 1 New York State Campaign
  • 7 National Outreach Initiatives
  • 4 Classroom Programs
  • 1 Day of Workshops for Teachers
  • 1 Interactive Blog: How does the personal activate the political?
  • 4 Supporter Events

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You can make a difference!

Your contribution directly supports:

1 New York State Campaign

We are building a coalition of NYS schools to petition to re-write the NYS Standards for Social Studies in High School to include rich and intersectional material on women and gender.

7 National Outreach Initiatives

We are targeting schools around the country and sending them state-specific how-to guides to help them start their own campaigns.

4 Classroom Programs

We are working with schools and partners to hone and disseminate effective programs for bringing women-centric, feminist, and social justice education to more students:

  • Social Media For Change-Makers (Middle School),
  • Excavating Lost Experiences: A Return to the Historical Record (High School),
  • Intersectional Feminist Electives (Adaptable, Grade 6-12),
  • Collaborative Rubrics: A Gender-Inclusive Method for Teaching Writing (Adaptable, Grade 4-12)

1 Day of Workshops for Teachers

We are running a day of workshops for teachers to learn tried-and-true methods for teaching about women and using gender-inclusive practices.

1 Interactive Blog

We are bringing students, educators and supporters together in an online community to address the question: How does the personal activate the political?

4 Supporter Events

We are gathering supporters and educators to take the lessons of social justice and feminism beyond the classroom.

Thank you for helping make our first year a success!

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