A six-day workshop that gives middle & high school teachers resources and practices to educate their students to be champions for gender equity

What is our goal?

In this 6-day workshop, we provide teachers (grades 6-12) with resources and practices to bring gender equity work into their classrooms. We use themes and questions to take a transdisciplinary approach so that our workshops are useful for teachers of every subject and a range of grade levels. Inclusive teaching is good teaching. While we focus on gender equity, we present material and practices to explore identity in all its facets and promote equity work across intersectional identities including race, class, ability, sexuality, country of origin, ethnicity, and age.

What do participants get?

Teachers walk away invigorated by new approaches and ready to use materials as soon as they are back in the classroom.We model approaches and provide ready-to-use resources for a variety of practices including pairing texts, building literacies, writing engaging questions, incorporating visual and media sources into research, designing assessments, creating rubrics and backwards design (UBD). Each workshop provides ample time for collaboration, lesson planning, and individual coaching. We foster a collaborative community whose impact extends well beyond the six sessions to form lifelong professional support networks through ongoing digital and in-person meetings.

Who should participate?

Middle and high school teachers who want to advance justice, equity, and diversity in schools by teaching fuller, more accurate narratives of past and present. The Gender Equity Institute has particular appeal to classroom teachers looking to apply a firmer equity lens to curriculum and pedagogy. Because we focus on practices and resources that cut across disciplines, we invite teams of teachers from various departments at the same school to participate together.

Location TBD
Saturdays 10-4
exact dates TBD

Register (Coming soon)
The Covid-19 pandemic has delayed us in securing a host school. Please check back to see when & where the Institute will be held.

Teach About Women’s Promise

All our materials give students the skills and knowledge they need to be champions for gender equity. To ensure quality and consistency, we hold ourselves to the following standards.


Does the material require students to think about gender dynamics and their effects on power, in particular, on how women negotiated power within patriarchal societies?


Does the material encourage students to question and dismantle existing mechanisms of oppression rather than re-creating them?


Does the material require students to evaluate the effect of overlapping power structures to arrive at a more complete understanding of the diversity of women’s experiences?


Does the material address the power dynamics that are unfolding in the classroom? (eg. race, class, gender, religion, language, ethnicity)


Does the material give students tools for understanding relationships/change at a global scale?


Does the material require students to examine a rich variety of sources, including literary and visual sources, primary and secondary sources, to reach a deeper understanding of the human experience?


Does the material give students ways to re-evaluate what they think they already know to create new paradigms for understanding the world?

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