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We are lucky to have so many organizations, individuals, and organizations dedicated to social justice. Ranging from social enterprises to museums and publishing houses, these organizations have excellent resources, materials, and products for empowering girls on the one hand, and instilling respect and healthy masculinity in boys on the other. What they lack is a way into classrooms. Teach About Women provides that missing connection. We work with organizations to connect them with teachers and students, and bring their mission to a wider audience. We design lesson plans around materials, help museums reach out to mission-aligned schools, design internship programs, and organize events. While our methods vary, the mission never does: to bring feminist and gender-inclusive resources into classrooms.

The moment to empower girls and young women is now. The place to do it is in classrooms.

Grades 6-12 are the vital period for building self-esteem, empathy, and resilience: girls and boys alike learn the written and unwritten rules of influence and power. Unfortunately, classrooms around the nation lack resources and practices that address women, gender, and power. Girls lack the role models and practice necessary for leadership, dynamism, and self-determination. Boys lack experience navigating female leadership and awareness of gender roles–both essential to healthy, resilient masculinity. Teach About Women addresses these toxic dynamics by helping mission-driven organizations bring their empowering and edifying resources into classrooms.

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