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Across the country, educators want to and need to teach more content related to women’s and gender studies, particularly using intersectional frameworks that include systemic explorations of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and transphobia. Teach About Women gives teachers the tools and skills they need to give their students a more complete and more just vision of the world

We offer gender-inclusive, women-centric, and empowering classroom programs.

We are working with schools and partners to hone and disseminate effective programs for bringing women-centric, feminist, and social justice education to more students:

Social Media for Social Change

  • Girls Use Social Media for Positive Change
  • Middle School

Excavating Lost Experiences: A Return to the Historical Record

  • High School, Partnership with the New York Historical Society
  • Why do some stories get told while others fall into obscurity? Students question the fundamental mechanisms of history by exploring archival materials at the New York Historical Society.

Intersectional Feminist Elective

  • Adaptable, Grades 6-12
  • We offer a semester or yearlong course exploring intersectional feminism. We adapt our course to each school’s unique student body, diversity and inclusivity goals, and scheduling needs

Collaborative Rubrics: A Gender-Inclusive Method for Teaching Writing

  • Adaptable grades 4-12
  • Featured at the Global Forum on Girls’ Education ® II, June 2018

 Interactive Blog: How does the Personal Activate the Political?


A Day of Workshops for Teachers

Our day of workshops brings together research-based practices, social justice, and practical innovation. Educators want to build a better world and they want to use the most effective teaching methods. Even with all the research in the world, it can be hard to see how that translates into practice. The teachers who lead our workshops have worked to bring research into their practices and figured out fruitful, engaging ways to tackle the world’s toughest problems in the classroom setting. Each workshop offers a research-based practice that participants can add to their teacher toolkits. From simulations and writing-based teaching to innovative assessments, teachers will walk away with a variety of adaptable materials and methods that they can turn around and use in their own classrooms and schools.


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