Why build communities?

Everyone, regardless of gender, has supportive communities that extend beyond classrooms to support them in pursuing success, leadership, and happiness. We cultivate supportive networks through strategic partnerships, social media, and events that connect young women and girls with thoughtful adults of all genders who can help them thrive and succeed beyond school in their personal and professional lives.

We create intergenerational support networks.

We work to take the lessons of tolerance, inclusion and collaboration across differences out of the classroom and into the world. From the recent fight for gun control to the movements to reduce bullying and support Black Lives Matter, classrooms are becoming incubators for positive social change. We offer thoughtful supporters ways to connect with educators and students to make a meaningful and visible impact on their world.

Our interactive blog sparks conversation:

How does the personal activate the political?

Our blog engages educators and supporters across fields to re-examine assumptions about gender and power and participate in informal dialogues about how to make our classroom and work places more empowering and inclusive. Events will include supporter dinners, cocktail parties, mixers, occasional lectures, and anything else we feel brings people together around our mission.


Our hashtag campaign raises awareness and connects supporters, educators, and students across the nation.

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We host events to bring together students, educators, and supporters.