What is our plan to educate 1,000,000 champions for gender equity?

Change policy.

We petition decision-makers in schools, districts and states to rewrite educational policies and learning standards to include rich and intersectional material on women and gender.

As a result of our policy work, in five years, 1,000,000 students will benefit from their schools/districts adopting gender-inclusive guidelines.

Change classrooms.

We design resources for teachers and educate them how to use them effectively in their classrooms. We make our resources and training available in person through workshops and coaching and online through databases, classes, blogs, and podcasts.

In 5 years, our resources will help 10,000 educators in 25 schools/districts to give 1,000,000 students the knowledge and skills to be champions for gender equity.

Build community.

We connect teachers, students, and supporters to make classrooms equitable and empowering places for all students regardless of gender.

By 2025, we will build communities to support 10,000 game-changing teachers in giving 1,000,000 students the skills and knowledge to be champions for gender equity.

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